Listado de funciones
en la categoría de Trading
Accumulation/Distribution, Accumulation Swing Index, Addition, Alert
Arc Tangent, Aroon Down , Aroon Up , Average Directional Movement
Average True Range , Bars Since , Bollinger Band Bottom
Bollinger Band Top, Buying Pressure ,Ceiling ,Chaikin A/D Oscillator
Chaikin s Money Flow, Chande Momentum Oscillator ,Commodity Channel Index (EQUIS) ,Commodity Channel Index , Standard) ,Commodity Selection Index ,Correlation Analysis
Cosine ,Cross ,Cumulate ,Day Of Month, Day Of Week
Delta ,Dema ,Demand Index ,Detrended Price Oscillator ,Directional Movement Index ,Directional Movement Rating ,Divergence
Division ,Dynamic Momentum Index , Ease of Movement
Exponent ,External Formula ,Fast Fourier Transform
Floor , Forecast Oscillator, Formula Call
Formula Variable Call ,Fraction ,Gamma, Gap Down ,
Gap Up,Herrick Payoff Index, Highest ,Highest Bars Ago
Highest High Value ,Highest High Value Bars Ago ,Highest Since
Highest Since Bars Ago ,Hour , If ,Inertia ,Input
Inside , Integer, Intraday Momentum Index, IsDefined()
IsUndefined() ,Klinger Oscillator , Last Value in Data Array
Linear Regression Indicator ,Linear Regression Slope
Logarithm (natural) , Lowest , Lowest Bars Ago,
Lowest Low Value , Lowest Low Value Bars Ago,
Lowest Since , Lowest Since Bars Ago, MACD
Market Facilitation Index ,Mass Index ,Maximum ,Median Price
MESA Lead Sine, MESA Sine Wave, Midpoint,
Minimum ,Minus Directional Movement ,Minute ,Modulus ,
Momentum ,Money Flow Index,Month,Moving Average
Multiplication,Negative,Negative Volume Index,On Balance Volume
Option Expiration,Option Life,Outside,Parabolic SAR, Peak Bars Ago
Peak Value ,Performance, Plus Directional Movement, Polarized Fractal Efficiency,Positive Volume Index,Power ,Precision ,Price Channel High ,Price Channel Low ,Price Oscillator ,Price Volume Trend ,Projection Band Bottom ,Projection Band Top ,Projection Oscillator ,Put/Call Price ,Qstick ,r-squared ,Rally ,Rally With Volume ,Random Walk Index of Highs ,Random Walk Index of Lows ,Range Indicator ,Rate of Change, Reaction ,Reaction With Volume ,Reference ,Relative Momentum Index ,Relative Strength Index (RSI) ,Relative Volatility Index ,Round ,Security Data ,Selling Pressure ,Sine ,Square Root ,Standard Deviation ,Standard Error ,Standard Error Band Bottom ,Standard Error Band Top ,Stochastic Momentum Index , Stochastic Oscillator ,Subtraction ,Summation ,Swing Index ,Tema ,Theta , Tick ,Time Series Forecast ,Trade Volume Index ,TRIX ,Trough Bars Ago ,Trough Value ,Typical Price ,Ultimate Oscillator ,Value When ,Variance ,Vega ,Vertical Horizontal Filter ,Volatility, Chaikin s , Volatility, Option, Volume Oscillator, Weighted Close ,Wilder s Smoothing ,Williams %R, Williams A/D, Writeif, Writeval, Year , Zig Zag