Bank of America Corporation Com14,435"+1.870%"
BB&T Corporation Common Stock34,53"+0.82%"
Bank of New York Mellon Corpora38,795"+1.266%"
Citigroup, Inc. Common Stock45,82"+1.57%"
Commerce Bancshares, Inc.46,67"+0.71%"
Cullen/Frost Bankers, Inc. Comm59,45"+0.64%"
Comerica Incorporated Common St40,8223"+2.1579%"
Capital One Financial Corporati72,6001"+1.3119%"
Fifth Third Bancorp17,98"+1.58%"
Huntington Bancshares Incorpora10,08"+1.20%"
JP Morgan Chase & Co. Common St63,12"+1.37%"
KeyCorp Common Stock11,99"+1.70%"
M&T Bank Corporation Common Sto116,02"+0.18%"
Northern Trust Corporation71,31"+4.42%"
People's United Financial, Inc.16,25"+0.37%"
PNC Financial Services Group, I85,9"+1.05%"
Regions Financial Corporation C8,935"+1.998%"
Synovus Financial Corp. Common 30,82"-0.42%"
SunTrust Banks, Inc. Common Sto39,12"+1.19%"
State Street Corporation60,5"+1.02%"
U.S. Bancorp Common Stock41,605"+0.959%"
Wells Fargo & Company Common St49,585"+1.525%"
Zions Bancorporation26,05"+1.28%"