Pero, el FMI pide esperar hasta que haya algo más que sospechas. Algo, por otro lado, muy llamativo.

La cuestión, de otro lado, es que la política monetaria es preventiva. Y eficiente cuando se trata de combatir la inflación.

Pero, por último, ahora es algo más que la inflación: es la estabilidad financiera con el riesgo de que las medidas macroprudenciales no sean suficientes.

Reports from the twelve Federal Reserve Districts suggest overall economic activity expanded during the reporting period from early April to late May.

Employment levels were up slightly over the reporting period, with some reports of layoffs. Wages rose slightly. Prices were stable or ticked up, although manufacturers in some districts cited lower input prices.

Employment levels were up slightly across districts over the reporting period. Reports of hiring came from a variety of industries, and the Boston, Richmond, Atlanta, and St. Louis Districts noted employment gains in manufacturing. Some instances of layoffs were mentioned by the St. Louis, Minneapolis, and Dallas Districts. The Richmond District cited employment declines in West Virginia’s coal and gas industries and the Minneapolis District said online job openings in the energy-producing area of North Dakota were down significantly from a year ago. Reports of labor shortages spanned several districts including Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Richmond, Atlanta, Chicago, and Kansas City. An ongoing and widespread shortage of truck drivers was noted in the New York, Cleveland, and Kansas City Districts. Firms in the Cleveland, Atlanta, Chicago, and Minneapolis Districts reported difficulty retaining employees. The New York District said a sizeable proportion of service-sector firms plan to expand employment in the months ahead.

Slight growth in wages was reported by most districts. A tight market for skilled construction labor in the Boston, Dallas, and San Francisco Districts pushed up wages for workers there, and staffing services firms in Boston, New York, and Dallas noted rising wages. The Richmond, Kansas City, and San Francisco Districts noted higher wages in the restaurant and/or hospitality industries. Some contacts in the IT sector in the San Francisco District reported rapid wage gains, and their counterparts in Boston noted rising wages as well. Employers in the Atlanta District were monitoring how recent minimum pay announcements from a number of employers would affect local labor markets. Contacts across various industries in the Chicago District reported a willingness to raise wages when necessary to attract and retain workers, and a notable share of reporting firms in the Minneapolis District also said they were increasing starting pay for most job categories to attract new hires.

José Luis Martínez Campuzano

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