¿Quieren los principales niveles de resistencia para el USD? aquí los tienen....

- USDJPY has broken through the Dec 2014 high as it heads towards the double bottom target of 125.75. Interim resistance is at 124.14 - the 2007 high.

- EURUSD has made lower lows. Supports are first at 1.0634-1.0765 but more important levels come in at 1.03-1.04.
- AUDUSD is back at the trend lows as it heads towards the channel base at 0.7335. Australian yields are turning back down and the CCI Index has made a lower low.
- USDCAD is approaching the double bottom neckline at 1.2697. The pattern would target 1.3032.
- USDKRW has rallied through the Dec high today and formed a reverse head and shoulders pattern that targets 1,154.

¿La conclusión? The charts are quite clear...the USD is in a broad, solid uptrend and is gathering momentum. There are few, if any, signs at this stage that the bullish trend won't continue.

Por lo que respecta al S&P, en niveles ahora de 2073 puntos.
Sin cambios en el rango de 1980/2140 puntos.

José Luis Martínez Campuzano
Estratega de Citi en España