De nuevo fuerte subida de la volatilidad VIX.

Una subida ayer de 5.86 %, hasta situarla en niveles de 16.26 %.


El EUR al alza hasta niveles de 1.142 USD.


La resistencia en niveles de 1.148 USD. Soporte dos figuras por debajo, hasta 1.128 USD.


El S&P en niveles de 2038 puntos.

El rango abierto en 1847/2120 puntos.


Tuesday snapshot: Emerging setup on GBPUSD

Tom Fitzpatrick

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–    Last week’s move towards 1.40 on GBPUSD was beginning to look concerning for the GBP. However the pair held the 76.4% retracement against the trend low and has since bounced.

–    This setup should be noted, particularly as the USD still looks weak and EURGBP has started to roll over from the resistance zone between 0.8066 and 0.8164

–    While there is no break as yet, the key level on GBPUSD at 1.4514 effectively converges with the top of a channel. A rally through there, if seen, would be quite a bullish short term development that would likely open the way for a test of the 200 day moving average above 1.49.

·       The low on GBPUSD was at the channel base or trend across the lows

·       The 76.4% retracement against that trend low came in at 1.3996. Last week’s low on GBPUSD was 1.4006

·       A continued hold of this level and a subsequent break of 1.4514 would amount to a bullish break suggesting a test of the 200 day moving average above 1.49


·       A number of horizontal levels and a longer term channel top on EURGBP converge between 0.8066 and 0.8164

·       We traded above the first set of levels at 0.8066/67 but did not close the week above there. This week we have started to roll over again with stretched weekly momentum which is beginning to warn us that the rally may at least pause if not reverse from around these levels.



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